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Burke's Peerage And Gentry: Royal Families Of Europe

William Bortrick


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Burke's Peerage And Gentry: Royal Families Of Europe


Royal Families of Europe is the first volume on royal genealogy to be published by Burke's in over thirty years. It is written by William Bortrick, Burke's Royal Editor. This unique work is a comprehensive dictionary of the European Royal Families, reigning and non-reigning. The volume features individual entries for over 50 Royal Houses, which have reigned in Europe since the eighteenth century. It is also the first Burke's publication to feature the newly announced editorial policy of listing offspring in order of birth rather than giving precedence to male children as was the case previously. The volume is the definitive up-to-date guide to royal genealogy and will also be of great interest to European historians. Entries comprise a detailed narrative pedigree of the Royal Families, and include Arms and portraits of the reigning sovereigns. Royal Families of Europe also includes a searchable PDF on CD-ROM featuring the full contents of the book.BR> WILLIAM BORTRICK is a specialist in the genealogy of royal, aristocratic and historical families. He is a director and trustee of the Society of Genealogists, Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, and Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives.

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United Kingdom
600 pages

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