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Carolina Moon

Nora Roberts


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Carolina Moon


A killer with unfinished business... When Tory Bodeen meets Hope Lavelle, she glimpses the family she s always longed for. Growing up in a small, rundown house ruled by her father s fist, her friendship with Hope offers refuge and protection. But Tory s life is shattered when Hope is brutally killed - a murder which, sixteen years later, remains unsolved. Now, as Tory returns to her hometown to settle and start a business, she is determined to shed the scars of that terrible night. Forging a bond with Cade, Hope s brother, she finally dares to look towards the future. But the past isn t finished with her yet. Hope s killer is still out there - and closer than she thinks...

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Miscellaneous Items
Publication Date:
Hachette Australia
Country of origin:
United Kingdom
544 pages
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