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Gorgeous To Go: The Beaut.Ie Guide To Smart Shopping

Aisling Mcdermott


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Gorgeous To Go: The Beaut.Ie Guide To Smart Shopping


'I'm a total product junkie and Beaut.ie is always the first port-of-call when I need a make-up recommendation' Amy Huberman Do you ever wonder why you leave a shop with a bulging bag of products that you never planned to buy? Well, not any more! Aisling McDermott comes to the rescue with 'Gorgeous to Go' - every woman's handbag must-have. Fun, friendly and packed with great information, it tells you all about the most fantastic beauty products out there. They've been tried, tested and loved by Beaut.ie, Ireland's biggest beauty website, so you know you can trust the recommendations. Presented in a style that will make you laugh out loud, Aisling also reveals all the tricks that the cosmetic industry uses to make you spend, spend, spend. The price rating beside each product ensures that there are no surprises when you go to shop and there are plenty of tips about how best to use your purchases and how to save money on them. Everything that's new and exciting in the world of beauty is tested by Beaut.ie - but only the very best products have made it into this book.

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Cosmetics, Make-Up & Skin Care
Publication Date:
col. Illustrations
Country of origin:
236 pages, col. Illustrations
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