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Maths Quest 7 For New South Wales Ebookplus (registration Card)


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Maths Quest 7 For New South Wales Ebookplus (registration Card)


Maths Quest 7 for New South Wales is the first of two texts that meet all the requirements of the new Mathematics Stage 4 syllabus, with a fresh, contemporary design and carefully planned content. Maths Quest 7 for New South Wales eBookPLUS is an electronic version of the textbook available online at the JacarandaPLUS website. (www.jacplus.com.au) Maths Quest 7 for New South Wales eBookPLUS Features The entire textbook in electronic format HTML links to other useful support material on the Internet What is eBookPLUS? eBookPLUS gives students access to engaging digital support. This gives 24/7 access to the on-line text along with a wealth of ICT resources making student learning more engaging! eBookPLUS can also be purchased independently of the text. JacarandaPLUS is the online home of all our digital resources for teachers and students and can be accessed from www.jacplus.com.au   

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Maths Quest for New South Wales Junior
John Wiley & Sons Australia
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