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Nature Of Biology Book 2 3e Flexi Saver & Ebookplus

Judith Kinnear and Marjory Martin

Loose, leaf

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Nature Of Biology Book 2 3e Flexi Saver & Ebookplus


Shrink-wrapped, looseleaf textbook for student binder + eBookPLUS Available for select titles in 2011, Jacaranda FlexiSavers provide students with a flexible, cost-saving alternative to the student textbook on your booklist. FlexiSavers are priced at 70% of the RRP of a standard textbook and are packaged as shrink-wrapped, looseleaf pages - making them ideal for student binders. All Jacaranda FlexiSavers include access to eBookPLUS. JACARANDA FLEXISAVER BENEFITS FOR PARENTS &; STUDENTS: 1. 30% cost saving 2. Flexible format enables insertion of students and teacher notes throughout 3. Lightweight option of only bringing the chapters required to school Nature of Biology Book 1 3E is a comprehensive textbook resource written specifically to meet all requirements of units 1 and 2 of the VCE Biology Study Design. The popular elements of previous editions are retained, and new features are introduced to engage students interest and ensure their understanding of biological concepts is developed clearly over the two years of study. Features include: • New chapter introductions that relate topics to real and contemporary contexts • High-quality, clearly labelled illustrations and unique images that bring the text to life and encourage discussion • Australian case studies, personal stories and an expanded range of 'Biologist at work' profiles regular sets of 'Key ideas' and 'Quick-check' questions to test understanding of the key knowledge points • New 'Biochallenge' pages that f

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Loose, leaf
Publication Date:
Nature of Biology Ser.
Jacaranda Wiley, Australia
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