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New Toddler Taming 2014

Christopher Green


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New Toddler Taming 2014


The classic guide to your child's behaviour from 1 to 4. Dr Christopher Green's guide to the toddler years has helped millions of parents. Now this international bestseller has been completely revised and updated to offer friendly, practical advice to a new generation of parents. Many parents wonder how it is that their precious baby has suddenly changed into a tantrum-prone, heel-stomping toddler. What has gone wrong? Is anyone to blame? And what can be done about it? The search for an answer can lead today's parents, with a click of the mouse, into a maze of conflicting advice, leaving them confused and their confidence in tatters. After watching childcare theories come and go, Dr Green has found that the crucial elements of raising happy toddlers don't change in line with the latest fad, but his focus has now widened to prevention as well as cure. After all, once you know how to anticipate a toddler's reaction, you are better prepared to steer your child towards a peaceful solution u and peace is often the most valued commodity in any house! With Dr Green's trademark mixture of humour and pragmatism, this new fully revised and updated Toddler Taming offers invaluable practical advice on all fronts, such as how to tackle: sleep problems tantrums potty training food issues playgroup and day care screen time And much, much more. Most of all, Toddler Taming instils confidence and brings the fun u and love u back into parenting.

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