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The Blast That Tears The Skies

J. D. Davies


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The Blast That Tears The Skies


Praise for J. D. Davies and the Matthew Quentin novels: A delightful tale. -- Kirkus Reviews, starred review, on Gentleman Captain Swashbuckling suspense, royal intrigue, and high seas naval action . . . an excellent series. -- Publishers Weekly on The Mountain of Gold Utterly impossible to put down . . . finely shaded characters, excellent plotting, gut-clenching action, and immaculate attention to period detail. . . . Superb. --Angus Donald, author of The Outlaw Chronicles A splendid addition to nautical adventure, and a grand story! --Dewey Lambdin, author of The Baltic Gambit, on Gentleman Captain Davies' depiction of Restoration England is impeccable, his characters truly live and breathe, and the plot kept me in suspense. I could not recommend it more. --Edward Chupack, author of Silver As fascinating an account of Restoration politics as it is of the Restoration Navy. --Seth Hunter, author of the Nathan Peake novels1665. Britain's at war, but conspiracies against the King abound. As plague stalks London, Captain Quinton commands a vast man-of-war in the fight against the Dutch. Surviving action in the thick of the Battle of Lowestoft, one of the greatest sea-fights in the age of sail, he returns home only to discover an uncomfortable truth about himself and his family.J. D. Davies was born in Wales and now lives in Bedfordshire, England. He is the world's foremost expert on the seventeenth-century navy and recently published Pepys' Navy, which won the 2009 Samuel Pepys Award. He is the author of Gentleman Captain and The Mountain of Gold, the first two books in the Quinton series, published in the United States by Houghton Mifflin.

Product Details

Historical Fiction
Publication Date:
Old Street Publishing
Country of origin:
United Kingdom

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