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The CSIRO And Baker IDI Diabetes Diet And Lifestyle Plan

Clifton and Diabetes Institute Staff


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The CSIRO And Baker IDI Diabetes Diet And Lifestyle Plan


The CSIRO Human Nutrition team that produced the bestselling Total Wellbeing Diet books has joined forces with the country's pre-eminent diabetes research organisation, Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes, to produce a timely diet and lifestyle plan for the prevention and control of type 2 diabetes. The book begins with an explanation of type 2 diabetes, why it is increasing at an alarming rate as well as its risk factors and consequences. The CSIRO diabetes healthy eating plan that follows offers a way forward for readers wanting to prevent or manage the disease. Based on solid clinical evidence, the plan provides options for those wishing to eat a higher-protein diet or a low-GI carbohydrate diet. Four different levels of the plan allow for those needing to lose weight through to those wanting to maintain weight. Also includes: advice on shopping, food labels and eating out; exercise programs for all fitness levels; checklists and resources for diabetes prevention and control; 12 weeks of menu plans and over 80 absolutely delicious, diabetes-friendly recipes.

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Publication Date:
Michael Joseph
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288 pages, Illustrations
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242 x 194 x 20

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