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The Flat Tummy Club Diet: 21 Days To A Flatter Tummy

Kate Adams


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The Flat Tummy Club Diet: 21 Days To A Flatter Tummy


Depressed by her expanding waistline and bulging tummy, Kate Adams sets out to lose weight permanently. Six months later and two stone lighter she decided to share her experiences and set up the Flat Tummy Club (www.flattummyclub.co.uk). The Flat Tummy Club Diet helps you not only to get a flatter tummy but to stay at your happy weight, no counting calories or mung beans required (unless you like them). Using the Flat Tummy Questionnaire you can work out where your extra tyre comes from and discover the impetus to stop vaguely promising yourself to eat less bread or go on a detox and instead create a plan that suits you. The 7-day Jump Start will help you shed up to 7lbs (3kgs) in a week and then continue to lose weight through a combination of Beat the Bloat recipes and Flat Tummy Exercises.

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Diets & Dieting
Publication Date:
Hodder & Stoughton Ltd
Country of origin:
United Kingdom
352 pages
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