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Tournament Management

John Miller


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Tournament Management


From national to local events, everything superintendents need for a successful golf tournament Written for all superintendents and greenkeepers, Tournament Management addresses the needs and challenges you face in planning and managing any one of the thousands of golf tournaments held each year. From high-profile professional-level events to smaller regional, amateur, or membership outings, this book offers practical guidelines that can be easily adapted to all types of courses and to all types of tournaments. Everything you need to prepare and maintain courses for tournaments is covered, in easy-to-follow, step-by-step detail, including: Evaluating staffing needs Implementing an effective agronomic program Preparing greens, tees, fairways, bunkers, and roughs Tending to cup-cutting, pest management, and fertilization before and during the tournament Conducting and assessing the results of a trial run Managing professional events Tables throughout the book summarize key data for at-a-glance reference, and plenty of photographs help you implement the procedures set forth in the book. The final chapter offers a comprehensive pre-tournament checklist, ensuring that everything is in place and in order well before the tournament begins. Whether you need to prepare for a televised national event or a small local event, this guide ensures that the staff and greens are ready to host a successful tournament.

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Publication Date:
John Wiley & Sons Inc (us)
Country of origin:
216 pages, illustrations
Dimensions (mm):
244 x 166 x 20

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