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A War Too Far: Iraq, Iran and the New American Century

Paul Rogers

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A War Too Far


There are few today who can claim that the US occupation of Iraq has been a success, for Iraq or the US. A War Too Far takes this on by looking back on the many unanswered questions about the invasion itself. What was the real reason for the Iraq War? Did George Bush ever have a strategy to confront al-Qaida in one arena? How does the invasion alter Iraq's relationship with Iran? And what does this mean for the future? World-renowned security expert Paul Rogers tackles these questions, offering a uniquely insightful analysis of events during and after the war. Examining the delicate balance of power in Iraq, he explores the options for a US exit strategy, and how the invasion affects America's relationship with Iran. Paul Rogers predicted in 2000 that the US would experience a terrorist attack on its own soil. Subsequent events proved how accurate he was. This book is required reading for students, journalists, policy-makers and anyone interested in getting the whole story about the dangerous consequences of the latest American venture in the Middle East.
Paul Rogers explores: * The neo-conservative vision of a US-dominated Middle East * The oil link - Iraq's significance in energy geopolitics * Links with Israel - the development of close military cooperation between the US and Israeli military * The growing possibility of a war on Iran and its potential repercussions Praise for Paul Rogers's previous book 'Iraq and the War on Terror': 'Incisive, elegant, profound: if you want to understand what happened and why, you should start here.' George Monbiot 'Paul Rogers is a secular prophet for our troubled age. This analysis should be required reading in the Pentagon.' David Loyn, BBC 'Paul Rogers has proved himself, time and again, to be a dispassionate analyst of events in Iraq...this is a must read.' Tom Walker, The Sunday Times

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Middle Eastern history
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Pluto Press
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United Kingdom
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