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Cooking the Books

Kerry Greenwood

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Paperback / softback

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Cooking the Books


Corinna Chapman, talented baker and reluctant investigator, is trying very hard to do nothing at all on her holidays. Her gorgeous Daniel is only intermittently at her side (he's roaming the streets tracking down a multi-thousand dollar corporate theft). Jason, her baking offsider, has gone off to learn how to surf. And Kylie and Goss are fulfilling their lives' ambition auditioning for a soapie. It should be a time of quiet reflection for Corinna but quiet reflection doesn't seem to suit her - she's bored. Scenting a whiff of danger, Corinna accepts an offer from a caterer friend to do the baking for the film set of a new soap called 'Kiss the Bride'. The soapie in which Kylie and Goss have parts. Twists and turns and complications that could only happen to Corinna ensue involving, bizarrely, nursery rhymes and a tiger called Tabitha. While on the other side of town, a young woman is being unmercifully bullied by her corporate employers - employers who spend a lot of time cooking the books.

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Crime & mystery
Paperback / softback
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Corinna Chapman Ser.
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  • One Star

    classic Corinna


    Cooking the Books is the 6th in Kerry Greenwoods Corinna Chapman series. Its January, and Corinna Chapman, baker and reluctant investigator, is on holidays. Her apprentice, Jason, has gone to the beach to learn to surf. Daniel is busy on a paper chase. Kylie and Goss have secured parts in a soap opera series, Kiss the Bride, being filmed at a Docklands studio. But Corinna is bored, and when her old school classmate and caterer, Thomasina, convinces her to assist, she finds herself (not quite unwillingly) baking bread for the film cast and crew. Another turn of events and she is also at the studio (but less willingly) in the role of pastry chef. A busmans holiday, as it were. As the story unfolds, Corinna and Daniel find themselves looking for missing bearer bonds, long lost sons and someone playing tricks on the star of the series. The story touches on bullying, weddings, dieting for work, actors (an excellent description), crooked accountants, job security, brides (compared with politicians), sexual orientation and gender reassignment. Somehow woven seamlessly into the plot are Nursery Rhymes and quotes and a tiger named Tabitha. Once again we are treated some interesting characters and a great plot, this time with an ending befitting a soap opera. Many of our favourite Insula residents make an appearance (Mrs Pemberthy, who is there to curdle the milk of human kindness). The feel of Melbourne in summer is well rendered and there are some marvellous feline descriptions that make me want to be owned by another cat. Reading the earlier books in the series is not a prerequisite, but most readers who have not done so will seek them out after reading this one, for a guaranteed delightful read. The dilemma with all of Kerry Greenwoods books is that you are enjoying them so much (from dedication to afterword you will smile, chuckle, laugh out loud) that you cant stop reading, but you dont want the pleasure to end. And the recipe for Gyngerbrede? Yes, I made it: yum!

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