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  • Fifty Shades Freed

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    slightly better than the first 2


    Fifty Shades Freed is the third book in the Fifty Shades Trilogy by E.L. James. Christians intentions for Anastasia to become his Sub have magically evaporated and, fast forward, they are now married an on their honeymoon in the French Riviera. Unlike the first two books in the trilogy, in this book, quite a bit more happens besides the formulaic sex, of which there is still quite a lot. Christian is still being a control freak, but now, with good reason, as Anas ex-boss Jack Hyde seems to be out to get them. So apart from yachting and jetskiing on the Riviera, clubbing in Aspen, a new Audi R8 as a birthday gift and renovating a house on the Sound, theres also another encounter with Leila, an accident for one of Anas nearest and dearest, a pregnancy, Mrs Robinson makes an appearance, an engagement, a kidnapping and ransom situation, Ana shoots someone, and at least three people end up unconscious. But Ana meekly tolerates Christians mercurial moods and volatile temper and really, it could be retitled Fifty Shades of Slow: the wedding night description is tedious, the dialogue, nauseating, and thats just the first 30 pages. If I read any more about biting of bottom lips or speaking silkily, I may well throw up. This book, unlike the others, relies on flash backs to tell part of the story. The Epilogue fast-forwards three years, then also includes some flashbacks to finish the story in a bit of a rush. There is a 29-page section at the end titled Shades of Christian, which describes his first Christmas and the first few encounters with Ana from Christians POV. Thank goodness thats over: I couldnt let it beat me. Slightly better than the first two..

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