Madame Bovary

Madame Bovary

by Gustave Flaubert

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 01/04/2010

<div> <div><b>#147;<i>It has a perfection that not only stamps it, but that makes it stand almost alone</i>.&amp;#8221;nbsp; #151;<i>Henry James</i></b></div> <div>nbsp;</div> <div>Beautiful Emma Rouault yearns for the life of wealth, passion, and romance she has encountered in popular sentimental fiction, and when her doctor, the well-meaning but awkward and unremarkable Charles Bovary, begins to pay her attention, she imagines that she may be granted her wish. However, after their marriage, Emma soon becomes frustrated with the boredom of provincial life and finds herself seeking escape and contemplating adultery. As Emma&amp;#8217;s efforts to make a reality of her fantasies become more dangerous, both she and those around her must face the shattering consequences of her actions. Causing widespread scandal when it was published in 1857, Gustave Flaubert&amp;#8217;s masterpiecenbsp;is one of the landmark works of 19th-century realist fiction. This crisp new translation captures the psychological realism of the original and echoes the verbal precision for which Flaubert is rightly famed. This edition includes pictures and an extensive section about the author's life and works.</div> </div>
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Paperback / softback
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Gustave Flaubert

Gustave Flaubert was born in Rouen in 1821, the son of a distinguished surgeon and a doctor's daughter. After three unhappy years of studying law in Paris, an epileptic attack ushered him into a life of writing. Madame Bovary won instant acclaim upon book publication in 1857, but Flaubert's frank display of adultery in bourgeois France saw him go on trial for immorality, only narrowly escaping conviction.

Both Salammbo (1862) and The Sentimental Education (1869) were poorly received, and Flaubert's genius was not publicly recognized until Three Tales (1877). His reputation among his fellow writers, however, was more constant and those who admired him included Turgenev, George Sand, Victor Hugo and Zola. Flaubert's obsession with his art is legendary: he would work for days on a single page, obsessively attuning sentences, seeking always le mot juste in a quest for both beauty and precise observation.

His style moved Edmund Wilson to say,'Flaubert, by a single phrase - a notation of some commonplace object - can convey all the poignance of human desire, the pathos of human defeat; his description of some homely scene will close with a dying fall that reminds one of great verse or music.' Flaubert died suddenly in May 1880, leaving his last work, Bouvard and Pécuchet, unfinished.

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