Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue

Boy Meets Girl?

by Amanda L. Tomasch and Yishan Li

Publication Date: 01/06/2007

In many stories and beliefs throughout history mirrors have had dark magical powers. From the legend of ?Bloody Mary? to the ?Magic Mirror? in the Fairy Tale story of ?Snow White?; mirrors have been known as tools of dark power and mystery. From witches to doppelgangers, ?Midnight Blue? is about to put a new modern twist on some classic magic mirror tales of horror.Jay is a social outcast (with a serious case of loser denial) trying to fit in with the ?cool? neighborhood of clubs and bars that he calls home. When he accidentally crosses paths with an ancient magic mirror one night, will he remember the old saying to always ?be careful what you wish for?Illustrated by character designer SHEREE CHUANG (The Phoenix Chronicles) and manga artist YISHAN LI (Spirit Marked, Aluria Chronicles). Story and ?cat art? by Amanda T.
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Demented Dragon
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