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Natural Cures and Remedies That Can Literally Save Your Life

James E Kyles

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Natural Cures and Remedies That Can Literally Save Your Life


James Kyles turns the tables on the drug industry by exposing their most sacred and highly guarded secrets - that drugs are intentionally designed to treat the symptoms of diseases only and not cure them - that the drug industry has no interest, incentive, or desire to cure diseases - that there are all-natural alternatives to deadly, toxic drugs which actually do cure diseases - that you can cure yourself naturally, quickly, and inexpensively without the use of toxic drugs - that prominent medical professionals both use and recommend natural alternatives to deadly, toxic drugs - exposing, as I have said, the best kept secrets in the industry. Invaluable. Practical. Groundbreaking. This indispensable guide is your key to health, vitality, and longevity. It blows the whistle on prescription and nonprescription drugs and shows you how to heal yourself naturally, without the dangerous side effects... Stop cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease and more!

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Complementary therapies
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Mill City Press, Inc.
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United States
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Average rating by 3 customers

Five Stars
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  • Five Stars

    The Best of the Best. Excellent Book!


    I was reluctant to buy this book because I felt ripped off with Kevin Trudeaus so-called natural cures book, but a good friend who lives in New York convinced me to get it anyway. Here are my impressions of the book: first, I was NOT ripped-off. The book is a true gem. Im very happy with my purchase. It is worth every penny that spent to get it. Every home on the planet should have a copy. Every doctor on the planet should have a copy. Following the advice in this book will make you healthier than you ever dreamed possible. This book is the best of the best. Its an excellent buy, and I love it!

  • Five Stars

    A must read for all!


    Good books are common but great books are rare. And this is by far an excellent book. So I really recommend it to all. You should really get this book. It's great.

  • Five Stars

    A Must Have Title - Great Book!


    Ive purchased a lot of natural cures books over the years and have not been too impressed with most of them. But this book is different. It actually has all-natural cures. It actually delivers on its promises. It actually shows you how to use the cures it contains. Its actually worth the money that I paid for it, so Im very happy that I purchased it. This book is amazing... Wow! I fully, honestly and truly recommend this book to everyone, especially those with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease, skin problems, sexual problems, weight problems or any other sickness or disease. The cures and instructions on using them are there. So get the book now. I hope this small bit of information helps.

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