Neferet's Curse 1

A House of Night Novella

by Kristin Cast and P. C. Cast

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 19/02/2013

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In the third House of Night novella, the secret history we've all been waiting for is finally revealed. Neferet, the Tulsa House of Night's darkly seductive High Priestess, wasn't always a powerful vampyre, but she has always been beautiful. Raised in turn-of-the-century Chicago in a motherless home, her beauty makes her the prey of unwanted attention and abuse, leaving her with scars that will never heal - and a Darkness that will eventually need to find its way out. But when she is Marked and gains strength, both physical and magickal, she turns her anger into power and looks for a way to regain what was stolen from her. From victim to High Priestess, beautiful young woman to powerful seductress, Neferet's journey begins ...
Fantasy & magical realism (Children's / Teenage)
Paperback / softback
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House of Night Novella
Little, Brown Book Group
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United Kingdom
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  • Neferets Curse

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    Neferet's curse made a very interesting read. I usually hate this character in House of Night books, but her past and how she became to be at the house of night, I could not put this book down.