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Sankosho - A Warrior's Path to Kokondo Martial Arts: Sankosho

Robert Robert and Paul Arel

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Paperback / softback

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Sankosho - A Warrior's Path to Kokondo Martial Arts


Today, people of all walks of life practice some form of martial arts. Kokondo (way of the past and present) is commonly practiced by children and adults throughout the world. Sankosho...A Warrior's Path to Kokondo Martial Arts is a comprehensive guide for the techniques and instruction of Kokondo Karate and Jukido Jujitsu.This book represents numerous techniques including: kata and it's core bunkai; tachi waza tips and helpful hints; history; common self-defense scenario's along with explanations presented in the detail and depth that a newcomer to Kokondo or age-old martial artist will admire.Sankosho will not only lend a hand to students and instructors everywhere but more than 1600 photos help explain the text material as well as demonstrate step-by-step procedures.

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Combat sports & self-defence
Paperback / softback
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IKA Publications
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United States
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