The Chief of Bay Ridge

by Dr Robert Anthony

(Paperback / softback)

At thirty-six years old, Brian Geromina already had quite a diverse life before joining the NYPD. He was an amateur boxing champ as a kid, did an eight year stint in the Army (including a tour in the Gulf), and then spent eight more behind the bar of a Brooklyn mob-joint, owned by mafia Capo "Allie-Boy" Grasso. It's a resume that gave the "rookie" cop certain skills, street-smarts and instincts, most others don't possess. However, this will prove to be both a curse and a blessing in his new career. His past career, no-nonsense attitude, short-temper and quick hands, soon put him out of favor with his captain; but his instincts will help him discover a radical Saudi sheik with a shady past, preaching at a Bay Ridge mosque. Though the tenacious cop (known as "Geronimo" by his peers) pleas for an investigation; his requests fall on the deaf ears of NYPD brass-despite the recent attacks of 9/11. While struggling with a personal tragedy he starts a probe of his own. And though he manages to acquire circumstantial evidence linking the sheik and mosque to a potential terror plot and murder; he's still unable to sway his superiors. Left with no choice but to take matters into his own hands, he'll need to call upon all of his special skills, and make a deal with a "Devil" from his past-something he swore he'd never do. However, he'll soon learn that all is not as it seems, and find himself deep in the middle of something he wasn't prepared for. Although his initial intentions were well-meant; when his world gets turned upside down, he's forced to take measures he never imagined-especially when it becomes personal.
Crime & mystery
Paperback / softback
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United States
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