The Last Great Australian Adventurer

The Last Great Australian Adventurer

The Extraordinary Life of Ben Carlin and His Epic Journey Around the World by Amphibious Jeep

by Gordon Bass

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 31/07/2017

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In 1948, Carlin set out from New York City with an absurdly audacious plan to journey around the world by amphibious jeep.

He forged eastwards through fierce Atlantic hurricanes, across scorching, uncharted North African desert and into dense South-East Asian jungle. He was pathologically driven to the limits of endurance, fighting brutal elements on a mad 80,000-kilometre journey that by all rights should have killed him.

Ben's journey was supposed to take a year. Instead, it took ten. Years passed. Sponsors found other adventurers, the media found other stories, the world moved on. Ben kept going and went slowly mad in the claustrophobic confines of his battered jeep. When he finally pulled into New York's Times Square in June 1958, after a decade of relentless travel, he found himself alone and forgotten. A short article appeared in the New York Times the day after his arrival, buried on page 15. So if you haven't heard of Ben, you're not alone.

Over the past 50 years he's been almost completely forgotten by the world, strangely absent from the annals of adventure. Ben was shattered and disillusioned. He spent the next 20 years drinking himself to death, and the last great adventurer of the 20th century became an obscure footnote. His incredible, unbelievable full story has never been told. In The Last Great Australian Adventurer, it is for the first time.

Paperback / softback
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