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Bluebird: Legendary Savoy Sessions

Charlie Parker/Miles Davis


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Bluebird: Legendary Savoy Sessions


Can you find the glaring omission in this otherwise excellent overview of Charlie Parker's Savoy studio recordings? Definitive, belying their label's very name, left three titles off of BlueBird: Legendary Savoy Sessions. Although "Waking Up a Riff" and "Thriving from a Riff" could conceivably be considered expendable, the absence of "Ko-Ko" constitutes a serious lapse of judgment on the part of the producers of this compilation. Built upon the chord progressions of Ray Noble's "Cherokee," "Ko-Ko" is a fundamental milestone of modern music. Why was it not included here? Even allowing for the space taken up by four titles from Miles Davis' first session as a leader, there would and should have been room for "Ko-Ko." This is a great little album with one gravely unfortunate flaw. Maybe some other Charlie Parker Savoy collection would be a wiser choice. ~ arwulf arwulf

Product Details

Release Date:
American Jazz Classics / Disconforme

Bluebird: Legendary Savoy Sessions track listing

  1. Disc 1

    1. Billie's Bounce (3:11)
    2. Now's the Time (3:16)
    3. Meandering (3:17)
    4. Donna Lee (3:32)
    5. Chasin' the Bird (3:44)
    6. Cheryl (3:58)
    7. Buzzy (2:28)
    8. Milestones (3:35)
    9. Little Willie Leaps (3:50)
    10. Half Nelson (3:42)
    11. Sippin' at Bells (2:21)
    12. Another Hair-Do (3:38)
    13. Blue Bird (3:50)
    14. Klaunstance (3:45)
    15. Bird Gets the Worm (3:35)
    16. Barbados (2:29)
    17. Ah-Leu-Cha (3:54)
    18. Constellation (2:27)
    19. Parker's Mood (3:30)
    20. Perhaps (3:34)
    21. Marmaduke (3:43)
    22. Steeplechase (3:40)
    23. Merry-Go-Round (2:27)

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