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Caught In The Act

Michael Bubl


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Caught In The Act


Featured as a PBS "Great Performances," Caught in the Act finds modern-day crooner Michael Bublé performing live at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles. Bublé has a warm, naturally pure voice perfectly suited to the swinging standards and heartfelt contemporary ballads he's made his name with since his debut in 2003. It doesn't hurt either that here he is backed by a full big band including a string section. Bublé's between-song banter is also charming and adds to the loose and fun feel of the album. Included are such classic songs as "Summer Wind" and "The More I See You," as well as the hit "Home." Also featured here is a full DVD of the rest of the live show as well as some other bonus material. ~ Matt Collar

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Caught In The Act track listing

  1. Disc 1

    1. Feeling Good (5:60)
    2. Summer Wind (4:20)
    3. Home (4:52)
    4. You and I (4:48)
    5. More I See You (4:30)
    6. You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine (4:42)
    7. Can't Buy Me Love (2:29)
    8. Smile (4:46)
  2. Disc 2

    1. Feeling Good (N/A)
    2. Sway (N/A)
    3. Try a Little Tenderness (N/A)
    4. Fever (N/A)
    5. Come Fly With Me (N/A)
    6. Moondance (N/A)
    7. You Don't Know Me (N/A)
    8. That's All (N/A)
    9. For Once in My Life (N/A)
    10. You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine (N/A)
    11. This Love (N/A)
    12. I've Got You Under My Skin (N/A)
    13. Home (N/A)
    14. More I See You (N/A)
    15. Save the Last Dance for Me (N/A)
    16. How Sweet It Is (N/A)
    17. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (N/A)
    18. Song for You (N/A)
    19. Song for You (N/A)
    20. Backstage Pass (N/A)

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