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Glen Campbell / Kenny Rogers


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Icons track listing

  1. Disc 1

    1. Rhinestone Cowboy (N/A)
    2. Southern Nights (N/A)
    3. I Walk The Line (N/A)
    4. God Only Knows (N/A)
    5. By The Time I Get To Phoenix (N/A)
    6. It's Only Make Believe (N/A)
    7. Bridge Over Troubled Water (N/A)
    8. Your Cheatin' Heart (N/A)
    9. Gentle On My Mind (N/A)
    10. Wichita Lineman (N/A)
    11. Somethin' 'Bout You Baby I Like (N/A)
    12. Country Boy (You Got Your Feet In LA) (N/A)
    13. Galveston (N/A)
    14. Everything A Man Could Ever Need (N/A)
    15. Help Me Make It Through The Night (N/A)
    16. Crying (N/A)
    17. He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother (N/A)
    18. All I Have To Do Is Dream (N/A)
    19. Honey Come Back (N/A)
    20. I Never Promised You A Rose Garden (N/A)
  2. Disc 2

    1. Lady (N/A)
    2. Desperado (N/A)
    3. Just The Way You Are (N/A)
    4. Coward Of The County (N/A)
    5. Lucille (N/A)
    6. Green Green Grass Of Home (N/A)
    7. Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp (N/A)
    8. We've Got Tonight (N/A)
    9. Daytime Friends (N/A)
    10. Puttin' In Overtime At Home (N/A)
    11. Blaze Of Glory (N/A)
    12. Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer (N/A)
    13. Goodbye Marie (N/A)
    14. She Believes In Me (N/A)
    15. Gambler (N/A)
    16. Sweet Music Man (N/A)
    17. Through The Years (N/A)
    18. You Decorated My Life (N/A)
    19. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (N/A)
    20. Every Time Two Fools Collide (N/A)

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