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Push The Sky Away

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds


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Push The Sky Away


Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds re-emerge with Push the Sky Away, the first recording by this band since 2008. Produced by Nick Launay, the album was recorded at La Fabrique, a studio built inside a 19th century mansion in southern France. The two video singles, “We No Who U R” and “Jubilee Street,” are both darkly beautiful ballads that harken back to the Boatman’s Call and No More Shall We Part, and also contain various loops and electronic textures by the band’s musical director, Warren Ellis. The Bad Seeds advanced the album with a brief documentary on YouTube.

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Push The Sky Away track listing

  1. Disc 1

    1. We No Who U R (4:50)
    2. Wide Lovely Eyes (4:40)
    3. Water's Edge (4:49)
    4. Jubilee Street (7:35)
    5. Mermaids (4:49)
    6. We Real Cool (4:18)
    7. Finishing Jubilee Street (4:28)
    8. Higgs Boson Blues (8:50)
    9. Push the Sky Away (4:90)

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