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Strictly Genteel: A Classical Introduction To Frank Zappa



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Strictly Genteel: A Classical Introduction To Frank Zappa


A more than adequate introduction to the world of Frank Zappa's instrumental music. A great deal of attention was focused on Zappa's often infantile lyrics, sometimes to the extent that the quality of Zappa's music was ignored. From a performance standpoint, the music was often a challenge (becoming almost impossible once Zappa was composing for the Synclavier); from a compositional standpoint, Zappa's instrumental music shows its 20th-century influences in no uncertain terms. Strictly Genteel serves up music performed by orchestral ensembles as well as pieces performed on Synclavier and in a band context, with the common thread being Zappa's overall brilliance -- while sometimes an imperfect composer, his drive and talent resulted in a huge body of excellent work that may one day come to be appreciated by classicists. ~ Steven McDonald

Product Details

Release Date:
Ryko Distribution / Rykodisc

Strictly Genteel: A Classical Introduction To Frank Zappa track listing

  1. Disc 1

    1. Uncle Meat: Main Title Theme (2:55)
    2. Regyptian Strut (4:13)
    3. Pedro's Dowry (8:41)
    4. Outrage at Valdez (3:90)
    5. Little Umbrellas (3:30)
    6. Run Home Slow Theme (1:25)
    7. Dwarf Nebula Processional March & Dwarf Nebula (2:12)
    8. Dupree's Paradise (8:43)
    9. Opus 1, No. 3, 2nd Movement, Presto (2:50)
    10. Duke of Prunes (4:20)
    11. Aybe Sea (3:46)
    12. Naval Aviation in Art? (3:42)
    13. G-Spot Tornado (3:17)
    14. Bob in Dacron, First Movement (6:36)
    15. Opus 1, No. 4, 2nd Moveent, Allegro (3:10)
    16. Dog Breath Variations (2:60)
    17. Uncle Meat (3:51)
    18. Strictly Genteel (7:57)

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