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Woke Up This Morning

Memory, Card

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Woke Up This Morning


We know Hendrix was influenced by Bob Dylan, as shown by his covers of "All Along the Watchtower" and "Like a Rolling Stone" (live at Monterey). On this star-studded live jam previously released as a bootleg called Sky High, it's obvious Jimi listened to other people, too. He opens "Red House" quoting from "Crossroads," the Cream take on a legendary Robert Johnson blues. Later, Hendrix plays a...

Product Details

Memory, Card

Woke Up This Morning track listing

  1. Disc 1

    1. Little Wing (N/A)
    2. Voodoo Chile (N/A)
    3. Purple Haze (N/A)
    4. Sunshine of Your Love (N/A)
    5. Bleeding Heart (N/A)
    6. Wake up This Morning and Found Yourself Dead (N/A)
    7. Tomorrow Never Knows (N/A)
    8. Fire (N/A)
    9. Wild Thing (N/A)
    10. Morrisons Lament (N/A)
    11. Red House (N/A)
    12. Good Times (N/A)
    13. Voices (N/A)
    14. Voice in the Wind (N/A)
    15. Two and One Goes (N/A)
    16. Let Me Go (N/A)
    17. Uranus Rock (N/A)
    18. Outside Woman Blues (N/A)
    19. Room Full of Mirrors (N/A)
    20. Blues Blues (N/A)
    21. Free Spirit (N/A)
    22. Psycho (N/A)
    23. Wipe the Sweat (N/A)
    24. Groove Maker (N/A)
    25. Hot Trigger (N/A)
    26. Night Life (N/A)
    27. You Got It (N/A)
    28. Suspicious (N/A)
    29. Goodbye Bessie Mae (N/A)
    30. Shes a Fox (N/A)
    31. Freedom and You (N/A)
    32. Shes So Fine (N/A)
    33. Sweet Thing (N/A)

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