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Common FAQs

Help, I've just upgraded my iPhone to 0S5 and cannot access my eBooks
Customers who have upgraded their iPhones to the new operating system OS5, have experienced problems and we sincerely apologise for this inconvenience. While this issue is being sorted out by the technicians there is a two step workaround to enable your ebooks to be available on your iPhone. To see how, download the guide

What is Adobe Digital Editions?
Our eBooks use the ePub standard for content, meaning that you can view them on any ePub compatible device including older PCs and Macs which do not meet the minimum system requirements for the apps.

If the above applies to you, you will need to download Adobe Digital Editions..


  1. Log into your account on the website.
  2. Go to 'My E-Library' along the top toolbar.
  3. You will now be able to see the books within your account library. On the right of each title, below 'Open eBook' you will see a link 'Download Now (For Adobe Digital Editions users)'. Click that link for each book, it will not cost you any further money.
  4. The downloaded file may ask you if you wish to open it with Adobe Digital Editions or save it to your file system.
  5. Please 'SAVE' the file before opening it with Adobe Digital Editions.
  6. The file will download as a file with the extension type '.acsm'. This is a key to allow you to open the file. In this case right-click your mouse on the file, select 'OPEN WITH' and the select Adobe Digital Editions.
  7. The e-books should now appear in your library.


Why do my all my eBooks keep downloading to my eReading app?
Your library of books is stored elsewhere and only a virtual version is passed to your app when you access it. If you sign out of the app, your library information is maintained at the source but the virtual copy on your app is lost. The virtual copy of your library will need to be reloaded every time you sign in, which can be quite time consuming if you have a lot of books in your library. Our recommendation is that you do not sign out of the app.

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Last updated: 12 December 2011