Ladies For Liberty : Women Who Made a Difference in American History

by John Blundell

Epub (Adobe), Epub (Kobo) Publication Date: 15/12/2009

With this collection of biographies, the author seeks to inform and inspire readers. We read so much about the Founding Fathers, but far less material has been made available to introduce the ladies, smart and strong in their own right, who have helped to form the political as well as the social universe that we are proud to call America.

His selection focuses on women of Conservative/ Libertarian views, whether they were active in politics, business owners, writers or other cultural figures.

Black as well as white, these women were revolutionary, some directly influencing the colonial breakaway from great Britain, some fighting for Abolition, others breaking new ground professionally. Each one not only made women s voices heard but made it clear that women have something to say that is both valid and valuable. 

This book is intended for American and British readers alike, high school and above, and all who are interested in American history, Conservative/ Libertarian politics, or Women's Studies.
History of the Americas
Epub (Adobe), Epub (Kobo)
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Algora Publishing

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