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Our Christmas Delivery Guarantee

29 Nov 2013

The Angus & Robertson Christmas Delivery Guarantee is back again.  Until 10am on Wednesday 18 December, any item badged with the Christmas tree shown below comes with a guarantee that you will receive it prior to Christmas.


I Need A Tax Invoice

01 May 2012

Tax invoices can be requested online and delivered to you via email.



I Paid for eBooks Using Paypal - Where Are They?

If you used the PayPal Express method of payment, the PayPal account may have been linked to a different email address than your regular account.

Please check the email account linked to the PayPal account.  If there was previously no email address in our system linked to the PayPal account that you used, then a new account will have been created and a randomly-generated password created for that new account.


When the order was processed, the order confirmation email was sent to the email address linked to the PayPal account. When you open the confirmation email, use the password to sign-in to your account, and you can then change your password or email address within the 'MY ACCOUNT' section on the Kobo website.