Anything Can Happen

Anything Can Happen

by Jennifer Kathleen

CD-Audio Publication Date: 04/09/2007

My name is Jennifer Kathleen and I am a singer/songwriter. I am a classically trained vocalist with a special interest in folk music. To me, singing and writing songs has always been as natural and essential as breathing in and breathing out. I am always grateful for the opportunity to connect with people through music. I put my emotions and experiences into song. When my song resonates with someone then we have connected on a deeper level than our normal daily encounters allow. Finding those common threads in our shared experiences brings us closer together. For as long as there is music, my life will have passion. For as long as I have a voice, I will be singing. Scroll down to review this album! Reviews of 'Anything Can Happen' . . . . . . . "WOW, what a ride. I felt like I was watching a movie following the stories as they flooded over me in song. The lyrics are great, very sweetly written." - Anthony Lascoskie, Fulton Theater Lancaster "I truly love this recording. . . . shimmers with warmth, sincerity and quiet joy. . . . amazing. . . . achingly lovely" - Nan Lewis, LVC Alumni Chorale About the Songs . . . Wonderful Summer 2005 - I took a 'made-for-drawing- on-windows' marker and composed a poem on the glass cabinet door of our kitchen hutch. Several months later that poem became the first verse of Wonderful. The line 'Anything Can Happen' became the CD title. To me, it is an affirming statement. Life changes in an instant. The possibility of something wonderful happening is just as likely as any other option because anything can happen - so why not look for that which is wonderful? Where the land ends It was a magical weekend, September 1999, in Provincetown at a Bed & Breakfast called Land's End. (Thank you Anne & John!) I will never forget the love that surrounded us that weekend or the promises made. This song brings it all back to me so clearly and the memories still fill me with joy! Light of the Empty Tomb Written in 2005 for an Eater sunrise service, this song gave me comfort when my Grandmother passed away a few months later. When we are in the midst of sorrow it feels as though it will never end. However, now is not forever and our story does not end with death. Keep on keeping on In 2003, my partner Donna and I took in an eight-year-old foster child. In 2004 we jointly adopted him. This journey has been the biggest challenge of my life thus far. Some days it is all we can do just to keep on keeping on. Dry Bones January 21st, 2006 - upon opening my heart once more, digging deep searching for the will to persevere, only to find that there was nothing left. A sense of utter emptiness took hold of me. Yet, some may recognize the text referred to and realize that Ezekiel 37 is actually a resurrection story. Therein lies my hope. Until My Love Until My Love is so personal to me that it was several months after I wrote it before I was able to perform it publically without getting emotional to the point of tears. This song is very close to my heart. Friends and strangers have approached me after hearing this song, just to tell me how it touched them. I hope it continues to be a message of love for everyone that hears it. Give Us Hope I wrote this song many years ago for my children's choir to sing on Easter Sunday. I taught the children to use sign language during the chorus. It was wonderful to hear the children singing and watch them signing that Easter morning. Since then I have used it as a solo piece for many an Easter sunrise service. Earlier, I imagined that I would one day compile a CD of just my more spiritual songs. However, I have come to understand that I cannot separate my spiritual journey apart from other aspects of my life. Perhaps there was a time when I believed spirituality could improve my life. Now I feel that it is life that helps me to improve my spiritually. This Old Guitar If there is a cure for writer's block, it is to write about how you have not been writing. This song is not just about a time when songs came more easily, but about when life came more easily and days passed more gent
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