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Greatest Hits


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Greatest Hits


If you're a Sun fan or just a plain old stomp-down '70s funk freak, at under ten dollars via online shops, this 17-track greatest-hits package is a bargain; if you're not, a buck will seem excessive. The Dayton, OH-based, band-patented groove gets a little tired after so many tracks; the occasional ballad breaks the monotony and keeps your interest from dissipating, but this is dancing, not listening, music. ~ Andrew Hamilton

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Greatest Hits track listing

    1. Disc 1

      1. Sun Is Here (5:03)
      2. Reaction Satisfaction (Jam Ya'll: Funk It Up) (4:00)
      3. Wanna Make Love (Come Flick My Bic) (3:28)
      4. Radiation Level (4:57)
      5. Conscience (4:40)
      6. I Had a Choice (4:38)
      7. Baby I Confess (4:01)
      8. Super Duper Super Star (3:53)
      9. They're Calling for More (6:01)
      10. Live on, Dream On (4:18)
      11. Time Is Passing (6:24)
      12. Pure Fire (4:42)
      13. Light of the Universe (4:51)
      14. This Is What You Wanted (5:36)
      15. Quest (4:32)
      16. Jammin' in Brazil (4:02)
      17. We're So Hot (3:26)

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