by Chris Cornell

Publication Date: 10/03/2009

In case you didn't catch the symbolism, Chris Cornell is smashing a guitar on the cover of Scream because he's done with those six-strings -- he's leaving it all behind for Timbaland, who has long wanted to leave hip-hop and R&B behind to make a rock album. As an idea, this rock-dance fusion has some merit; clearly, Cornell needs to do something to shake himself out of his solo stupor and Timbaland is an imaginative, daring producer whose gifts are not limited by genre, although as much as they want to stretch, neither Cornell nor Timbaland is willing to leave his comfort zone here. To be fair, Timbaland's tracks are often augmented by additional production by anyone from Justin Timberlake to OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder. Whoever was directly responsible, the result sounds like skittering dance-pop, graced by Cornell's sometimes looped, sometimes manipulated caterwaul. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Publication Date:

Disc 1

  1. Part Of Me (N/A)
  2. Time (N/A)
  3. Sweet Revenge (N/A)
  4. Get Up (N/A)
  5. Ground Zero (N/A)
  6. Never Far Away (N/A)
  7. Take Me Alive (N/A)
  8. Long Gone (N/A)
  9. Scream (N/A)
  10. Enemy (N/A)
  11. Other Side Of Town (N/A)
  12. Climbing Up The Walls (N/A)
  13. Watch Out (N/A)

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