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Jeremy Camp

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Newcomer Jeremy Camp delivers one of the most awe-inspiring performances of any debut CCM artist in the past decade. Vocally, musically, and lyrically Stay is a potent mix of one standout cut after another. Leaning heavily on a mix of acoustic and electric guitars and driving basslines, cuts like "Understand" and "All The Time" are painted with a straightforward rock stroke. On tender moments Camp's vulnerabilities and experiences lend themselves to some shining moments. Tunes like "Right Here" lyrically lean on Christ. "Everywhere I go I know you're not far away, Your right here." Also, the acoustically driven "In Your Presence" is an example of a songwriter pouring out the essence of his soul into each word. Turning the tides, Camp sheds the acoustic image in favor of a blasting, distorted electric on the tune "Take My Life." Here the artist ventures into Creed territory with a cut that drives on 18 wheels. What's undeniable about Stay is that it's enduring on many different levels. Some cuts exemplify a millennium artist that writes an eclectic mix of rock-induced contemporary praise and worship while utilizing a vocal style that's strong and listenable. On another level, the mix of effect-laden electrics and steel forged basslines completely deliver the goods. ~ Steven Douglas Losey

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Publication Date:
B E C Recordings

Stay track listing

    1. Disc 1

      1. Understand (3:34)
      2. Right Here (4:16)
      3. Walk by Faith (3:59)
      4. Stay (3:16)
      5. All the Time (3:20)
      6. I Still Believe (4:35)
      7. One Day at a Time (4:01)
      8. Breaking My Fall (3:43)
      9. Nothing (3:11)
      10. I Know You're Calling (3:58)
      11. Take My Life (3:07)
      12. In Your Presence (4:15)

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