Vol. 2-Summertime Praise: Spirit Jazz

Vol. 2-Summertime Praise: Spirit Jazz

by Dudley Smith

CD-Audio Publication Date: 18/07/2006

Dudley is known for his rowsing vocal peformances, but more and more people are starting to recognize his ability inthe smooth jazz arena. He started playing guitar when he was just 14 years old and have love it every since. He play jazz in the college emsemble in Texas and have been in love with jazz dating back to high school in Baton Rouge, LA. This CD is the 2nd installment of a 12 CD volume, and Dudley is really worked hard on this one. The lead instrument is guitar, but Dudley puts his synth to work and plays some trumpet, harmonica and other instruments as lead instruments. This music is great for around the office, driving, or just needing something soothing to listen to. Dudley wants his music to touch your soul and bring you calm. 'There's too much angry music out today. We need to tone it down a knotch.', says Dudley. He strive to make each song a spiritual experience and one the you can enjoy throughout your whole generation.
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