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Bibleman 3 For All - Volume 4: A Classic Bibleman Collection

DVD video

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Bibleman 3 For All - Volume 4: A Classic Bibleman Collection


Triple the villains . . . triple the value . . . on one DVD! Jesus Our Savior: In this double-feature, Primordious Drool drives the citizens of Andersonville to trust in Bibleman instead of God. Bibleman must convince the townspeople to trust only in God to answer their prayers. Fight for Faith: Not to be outdone by a new Bibleman, (Josh Carpenter) the Wacky Protestor lures VBS student leaders into his Animated Reconstructive Transport. Bibleman, Biblegirl and Cypher must exercise their faith in God to save the day. A Light in the Darkness: With plans to drench the world in a hopeless cloud of despair, the Wacky Protestor uses his spasmodic, meteoronic, wacksonic cloud of darkness to discourage the youth group member. The Bible team gives a certain someone a lesson of his own in isolation and darkness.

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DVD video
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Release Date:
Tommy Nelson
Country of Origin:
United States

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