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Drake And Josh: Suddenly Brothers

DVD, Movie

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Drake And Josh: Suddenly Brothers


Fifteen-year-olds Drake & Josh are schoolmates and complete opposites...and they're about to become stepbrothers and roommates! A fate worse than death? Perhaps, but having a stepbrother may not be so bad. Drake discovers that Josh's secret advice column can help him meet the most popular girl in school, and Drake can help Josh loosen up and see the wilder side of life.
Pilot: Worlds collide when schoolmates Drake Parker and Josh Nichols become stepbrothers. The boys bond after a case of mistaken identity results in Josh coming face-to-face with a jealous boyfriend.
Dune Buggy: Drake and Josh are forbidden to drive their beat-up dune buggy. When Josh gets grounded for lying - caused by Drake's encouragement - revenge is served after Drake crashes the buggy and attempts to hide his injuries.
Two Idiots & a Baby: Josh volunteers his and Drake's babysitting services, but Drake abandons his duties for a gig with his band, and Josh is left looking for the baby who has disappeared!
First Crush: Josh promises to play a birthday song at his crush's party. Not knowing how to play the guitar, Drake devises a plan to substitute Josh's guitar playing with his own.

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DVD, Movie
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