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Aim High Level 1 iTools

Aim High Level 1 iTools

by Tim Falla
Publication Date: 02/12/2010
Aim High iTools make it easy to bring interactive whiteboards and digital technology into your teaching. Everything about these resources is user-friendly - and here's why. Firstly, you don't need any special equipment. Just use what you already have in your school - an interactive whiteboard, a computer, a data projector, an ebeam. Aim High iTools works on all of these, and it doesn't matter which brand of whiteboard you have. Secondly, it saves you time. How? Because by having the Student Book and the Workbook on screen, you can switch quickly and easily between the two for presentations and practice. There are also DVD items for each level, printable worksheets and editable tests for every unit, exam support pages and Everyday English pages - all ready to go! And you can add your own resources too and call them up for use in your lessons. Just go ahead and use them in class, with confidence.
ELT: learning material & coursework
Publication Date:
Oxford University Press (UK)

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