Leading Change!

Leading Change!

Leadership Skills to Master Rapid Change

by Made For Success and Made for Success

Pre-recorded digital audio player Publication Date: 01/12/2010

Leading a team through periods of rapid change can be a leaders toughest problem. Discover the tools that leaders like Steve Jobs of Apple Computers know: that change managed correctly can result in massive quarterly growth in revenues and earnings while maintaining high morale and fiercely loyal employees. Explore the barriers to change and where they come from, along with the tools to overcome the natural human resistance to change. How you lead your team will shape the direction of your company in the global economy of the twenty-first century. Every good leader knows that you can learn from othersdiscover the top twelve reasons why organizational change fails from New York Times bestselling authors. Clearly understand the seven phases of change that people experience and you will be equipped to lead your people to success.
Business strategy
Pre-recorded digital audio player
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Blackstone Audiobooks
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United States

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