On Transformation

On Transformation

Collected Talks (Volume One)

by Richard Rohr and Father Richard Rohr

CD-Audio Publication Date: 27/09/2005

In this first volume in a three-part series, Richard Rohr develops aspects of transformation, a recurring theme in his popular presentations. Three of these talks were first presented at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress. Talk Three was sponsored by Bellarmine Parish at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Talk One Jesus: Forgiving Victim, Transforming Savior If we imitate the way Jesus lived the role of victim, we will be able to live the Christian mystery. Jesus suffers freely but does not pass on the pain. He forgives, which destroys the death that confronts us. He says, "No one else is your problem. You are the locus of conversion and transformation." Talk Two The Spirituality of Imperfection The focus of true holiness is giving up control a journey into letting go. This is the way of descent, a path of owning our weaknesses and allowing God to transform us. Talk Three The Maternal Face of God Rohr attends to developments in feminine consciousness to consider images of God and their evolution in our own understanding of the Divine, who is beyond gender. He considers aspects of God that can transform the spiritual understanding of both women and men. Talk Four Dying: We Need It for Life Accounts of near-death experiences provide a springboard for exploring a remarkable pattern found in all faiths. Something has to die to unleash the transformative power in all things."
Roman Catholicism
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Franciscan Media
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United States
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