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Shadows from Boot Hill

Shadows from Boot Hill

by L Ron HubbardPhil Proctor Fred Tatasciore and others

CD-Audio Publication Date: 24/10/2011

Every man walks with a shadow ... but what happens when he acquires a second one? Just ask Brazos, a cold-blooded killer for hire with blood on his hands and a posse on his tail.
Desperate for cash, Brazos accepts $200 to gun down a local man named Brant. He'll earn every penny ... but in the end there'll be the devil to pay. Because to put a bullet in Brant means putting one in his partner as well--an eerie stranger schooled in the black art of witchcraft. This is one killing that brings with it a deadly curse--and a second shadow.
As Brazos is about to discover, the Wild West doesn't get any wilder than when a man is damned to live--and die--in the Shadows from Boot Hill.
Also includes the Western adventures "The Gunner from Gehenna," in which a plot to steal a miner's gold reveals how a good man can go bad ... and a bad man can do good; and "Gunman!," the story of an aging gunfighter turned lawman who shows his town what a real man is made of.
Lock the doors and turn on the lights as the audio version of Shadows from Boot Hill puts a chilling supernatural twist on the classic Western.
Historical fiction
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Galaxy Audio
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United States
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