The Rope and Other Stories

The Rope and Other Stories

by Philippa Pearce

CD-Audio Publication Date: 24/01/2017


The rope hung from top to bottom of his dream.

The rope hung softly, saying nothing, doing nothing. Then the rope began to swing very softly, very gently.. towards him.

The need to face your fears; the comedy of family life; the pressure of others expectations... Intense experiences of childhood are vividly brought to life in these eight atmospheric tales.A gripping collection of short stories from award-winning author Philippa Pearce.

Publication Date:
Brilliance Publishing, Inc.
Country of origin:
United States
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Philippa Pearce

Philippa Pearce and illustrator Helen Craig share two grandsons, Nat and Will, the sons of their children Sally and Ben. Philippa wrote A Finder's Magic for Helen to illustrate, and the name of the book's hero, "Tillawn" (Till), is an amalgam of the boys' names.

The peculiar relationship between the old and the very young is a constant theme in Philippa's writing and when, late in life, she had the "unexpected delight" of two small grandsons, it gave her a renewed burst of creative energy.

She called being a grandmother "a privilege, a rare, almost inexplicable pleasure - not just fun but something different, more." Philippa Pearce died in December 2006. The Philippa Pearce Memorial Lecture is held annually in September.

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