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13th Witness

13th Witness

The City

by 13th Witness
Publication Date: 30/09/2024

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His first book will showcase his singular vision of New York City. He flies, climbs, and spelunks all over the city, and the end result is thrilling: nighttime cityscape aerials, subway tunnels, basketball courts under the shadows of bridges, Coney Island during a blizzard, and so many others.

Known professionally as 13th Witness, this born-and-raised New Yorker has amassed more than 700,000 followers on Instagram, where he posts intimate portraits, landscapes from his frequent global travels. Now for the first time, 13th Witness: The City collects the photographer's signature dynamic city pictures--celebrated landmarks and little-seen corners of New York's five boroughs. Images include well-known attractions like NY Harbor and Statue of Liberty; One World Trade Center; Empire State Building; Central Park; Brooklyn Bridge; Coney Island; Met Park Slope; Grand Army Plaza; and Rockaway Beach. His photos also drill down below the popular sights and include defunct subway stations, train yards, skate parks, and blacktop basketball courts--all a testament to the photographer's hustle and grit and a dazzling chronicle of his point of view of his hometown New York City in the twenty-first-century. Dizzying aerials, empty perhaps with the exception of the photographer's close-knit posse, and his street-centric vision of NYC is sure to appeal not only to his loyal fanbase but those the world over looking for a fresh new vision of the beloved city.
Photography & photographs
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Rizzoli International Publications
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United States
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