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22 Leadership Fundamentals

22 Leadership Fundamentals

Leadership Principles for Life, Business and the Wider Community

by Alison Y. Vidotto
Publication Date: 10/02/2014
WHAT MAKES A GREAT LEADER? What does it take to be a leader who people want to follow and work with? Are leaders born or made? The answers to these and many of your leadership questions are found in this engaging, authentic, honest and thought provoking book. CEO, Philanthropist, successful business woman with an MBA and mother of six, Alison Vidotto believes everyone has the potential to be a leader, once they have mastered 22 leadership fundamentals. Alison knows that the skills she uses today to overcome challenges and to create opportunities in her successful life were developed during her childhood and formative years. Whether it was moving 20 times in 15 years nationally and internationally with six children or founding the Australian Charity for the Children of Vietnam, which teaches English to blind youth and supports 200 Vietnamese families living in poverty. Alison knows that without these 22 fundamentals she would not be the leader she is today. Whether you are already a CEO or an aspiring leader working in the corporate or not for profit world, a small business owner or high school student, this book will give you many ideas and solutions to help you fast track your leadership journey.
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