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88 Reasons Why Australia is the Craziest

88 Reasons Why Australia is the Craziest

by Simon Crerar

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 01/12/2016


A hilarious book-length listicle of Australian bizarro by the editor of BuzzFeedOz.

Deadly spiders that survive for days under water...

Centipedes so big they poison snakes...

Prehistoric monsters 'patrolling' our beaches...

Those are just three reasons why Australia is the craziest. But there are more - 88 reasons, in fact, and you'll find them in this book with the pictures to prove it.

88 Reasons Why Australia is the Craziest is shocking proof that Australia is a terra insanius of deadly flora and fauna and psychotic weather. Then there are the hardy human inhabitants still in denial...

With yarns to make you shriek and freaky photographs that'll blow your mind, 88 Reasons Why Australia is the Craziest shows why you should:

1. never visit Australia in the first place, or
2. if you're already here, never leave the safety of your own home.

Paperback / softback
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HarperCollins Publishers
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Simon Crerar

Simon Crerar is the founding editor of BuzzFeed Australia.

Born and bred in the safety of Scotland (where there are no such things as common death adders), he fell in love with Australia from the moment he woke at 33,000 ft on a 747 somewhere over the Northern Territory, and saw the outback glowing blood red under his first southern hemisphere sunrise.

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