A Child's Day - A Book Of Rhymes

A Child's Day - A Book Of Rhymes

by Walter De La Mare

Publication Date: 27/10/2008

I sang a song to Rosamond Rose Only the wind in the twilight knows I sang a song to Jeanetta Jennie, She flung from her window a silver penny I sang a song to Matilda May, She took to her heels and ran away I sang a song to Susannah Sue, She giggled the whole of the verses through But nevertheless, as sweet as I can, Ill sing a song to Elizabeth Ann - The same little Ann as there you see Smiling as happy as happy carn be. And all that my song is meant to say Is just what she did one long, lorg day,, With her own little self to play, with only, Yet ilever once felt the least bit latclg.Softly, drowsily, Out of sleep Into the world again Anns eyes peep Over the pictures Across the walls One little quivering Sunbeam falls. A thrush in the garden Seems to say, Wake, little Ann, Tis day, tis day Faint sweet breezes The casement stir, Breathing of pinks And lavender. At last from her pillow, With cheeks bright red, Up comes her round little TousIed head And out she tumbles From her warm bed. 5 Little birds hathe In the sunny dust. Whether the want Or not, they will. Seal and Walrus Arid Polar Bvar OIIV green icy Wash-tub share. Nor Hippopotamus ever His bath forgot.
Out of his f1est The Elephant To squirt himself In his gloomy swamps. On crackling fins From thc deep sea fly Flying-fish into The air to dry. Silver Swans In shallows green Their dew-bespangled Pinions preen. And all day long Wash Duck and Drake In their duckweed pond - For washings salce. SO, in her lonesome, Slippety, bare, Elizabeth Anns Splash - splashing there And now from the watery Waves amonje Stands slooshing herself With that enormous sponge.
Children's / Teenage fiction & true stories
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United Kingdom
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