A Mulligan for Bobby Jobe

A Mulligan for Bobby Jobe

by Robert Cullen

Hardback Publication Date: 13/07/2001

From Bob Cullen-coauthor with Dr. Bob Rotella of Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect -- comes a wise, warm, and hilarious novel. In this unforgettable story, the secret fundamentals of golf, friendship, competition, and the inscrutable relationships between fathers and sons all combine to form an extraordinary tale.

Bobby Jobe is a gifted golfer whose swing is much better than his attitude. Leading a major tournament in the final round, he gets distracted as usual -- and chokes, blowing his lead. Also as usual, he blames his caddy, Greyhound Mote, who stomps off the course: Greyhound is loyal, but Bobby's gone just one insult too far.

Shortly thereafter, as he's leaving the golf club, Greyhound spots Bobby obsessively practicing the shot that earlier lost him the tournament. Overhead, the clouds of an approaching thunderstorm roil, and as Greyhound watches, lightning strikes -- and both of their lives are changed forever.

Months later Greyhound has retreated to his small hometown, where he helps his mother run a shabby but proud nine-hole golf course. All he knows of Bobby since their last bitter farewell in a hospital room is that he has been permanently blinded. What he doesn't know is that an extraordinary woman has come into Bobby's life, determined to save him by convincing him he can still play competitive golf. And she believes that Greyhound is the person to help him do it.

Full of great golf lore and tremendous wisdom about what it means to be human, A Mulligan for Bobby Jobe is the kind of novel that people don't just read. They fall in love with it and carry it in their hearts forever.
Contemporary fiction
Publication Date:
HarperCollins Publishers Inc
Country of origin:
United States
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