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A Stone's Throw

A Stone's Throw

by Fiona Shaw

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 18/04/2013

'The people you love, they just slip away ...I won't let you do that' A man and his young son set out on a journey one snow-struck day. Another man skims stones across the sea with his daughter. Three generations separate them, but one loss connects them - sixty years apart, but no more than a stone's throw. In between these two men is Meg. Like everyone, she's made choices in her life; and mostly she's proud of them. But that doesn't mean she isn't haunted by what might have been ...Set in England and Africa, opening during World War Two, A Stone's Throw is about how secrets linger and the price we pay to keep them. Most of all, it's about the choices we make, about consequences - and how we must, finally, let go of the past and face the future.
Contemporary fiction
Paperback / softback
Publication Date:
Profile Books Ltd
Country of origin:
United Kingdom
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Fiona Shaw

Fiona Shaw lives in York. After giving birth to her two children, she suffered a postnatal breakdown. She wrote powerfully about her experience of the nightmare of depression in her best-selling non-fiction debut, Out of Me, shortlisted for the MIND prize.

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