Activity Book with Minifigure (LEGO Hidden Side)

Activity Book with Minifigure (LEGO Hidden Side)

by Ameet Ameet Studio

Novelty book Publication Date: 04/08/2020

Step into the haunted town of Newbury in this action-packed activity book with minifigure based on LEGO Hidden Side

The LEGO Group's newest IP, LEGO Hidden Side hits stores in fall 2019 with eight toy sets, followed by a TV series and even more toys in 2020 These building sets can be interacted with using an augmented reality app that brings the models to life, using a smart phone or tablet camera to reveal a hidden world of interactive mysteries and challenges to solve. It's a whole new world of play

Welcome to the haunted town of Newbury, home of the LEGO Group's newest original IP. In this new series of adventures, kids will join brother and sister duo Jack and Parker as they work to track down and reveal ghosts in order to turn their haunted town back to normal, one ghost at a time. Filled with puzzles, comics, word games, and more -- this fun-filled activity book is a must-have for fans of this all-new toy line. Plus, it comes with a LEGO minifigure

General fiction (Children's / Teenage)
Novelty book
Publication Date:
Scholastic, Incorporated
Country of origin:
United States
Dimensions (mm):

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