Addendum to a Miracle

Addendum to a Miracle

by Mike White

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 05/03/2018

Poetry. Winner of the Anthony Hecht Poetry Prize. ADDENDUM TO A MIRACLE, Mike White's second book of poetry, is a collection that explores the shifting borderland between the sacred and the profane. The poems are lucid and often quite spare, focusing upon the ordinary things of this world, yet they pulse with the energy of the unknown, the unspeakable. In poems of a more metaphysical bent, angels appear, only their haloes have come off in the autumn wind and their wings are made of city snow. Poised between humor and terror, White's ADDENDUM TO A MIRACLE re-envisions the possibilities of grace.

"In Mike White's poems, humanity is a one-by-one, wondrous eventuation, and he presents human beings front and center, in deft portraits which are funny or throbbingly painful or both." --from the judge's foreword

"When last did I read a poetry collection this good? These are memorable poems, and it seems insufficient to say how and why--ear, heart, mind, language and line, to be sure; also whimsy like Issa's, rhythmic and syllabic precision as good as Donald Justice's; the author's profound and beautifully understated sense of soul and darkness in people, as suggested in Laundromats, by the pool, in the men's room, and at Sunday school. If you read no other book this year, read this one." --Carol Frost

"White knows and puts into practice the secret of fascination. ADDENDUM TO A MIRACLE is an irresistible book." --Sandra McPherson

"The affirmation of images is first baffling, then beautiful in all directions. A poem, as Mike White keenly avows, looks deeply into surface lights, there to find itself both beheld and born. 'Now I remember the beautiful bike. / Now I can see myself'... ADDENDUM TO A MIRACLE is a superb collection, ever keeping faith with new creation." --Donald Revell
Poetry anthologies (various poets)
Paperback / softback
Publication Date:
Waywiser Press, The
Country of origin:
United Kingdom
Mike White

Mike White has had dogs most of his life, including a giveaway mongrel when he was a teenager, a puppy who was going to be drowned, and his current huntaway, Cooper, who features throughout How to Walk a Dog.

They've been wonderful mates, loyal company and frequently disobedient. Some have broken his bones; all have broken his heart when they've gone. White is one of New Zealand's best-known journalists and a senior writer at North & South magazine where he has won more than 20 national media awards, including the Wolfson Fellowship to Cambridge University.

In 2013 he wrote the best-selling true crime book Who Killed Scott Guy? He lives in Wellington with his partner, Nikki, and they walk Cooper along the coast, through the bush and at the city's dog parks.

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