Afterworld 1

by Lynnette Lounsbury

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 29/01/2014

4/5 Rating 1 Reviews
Dom is the youngest person ever to arrive in the Necropolis, the 'waiting place' between death and what comes after. And it isn't long before he catches the attention of Satarial, a cruel Nephilim from the beginning of time, who has grim plans to use Dom as entertainment in his vicious gladiatorial games. When Dom's still-living sister, Kaide, appears in the Necropolis too, Satarial has the leverage he needs, and the stage is set for the biggest shake-up the afterlife has seen in centuries.

Dom's only option is to compete in the Trials and attempt to win the chance to enter the Maze. In his favour he has an enigmatic young Guide, Eva, and a Guardian, Eduardo, who may not be what he seems. But will they be enough?

'Lynnette Lounsbury has the power to raise your temperature. You feel it when she delivers you into a Delhi that is so percolating with heat and humanity that you will recall it not as a chapter in a book but a memory of having been there. You will feel it when she gives you that same certainty about her Necropolis, a realm of death that will have you sweating over the Trials and fates of her characters. There are mazes of every kind in here, as well as cruelty, nobility, Rowling-calibre imagination and some cracking, inventive ritualistic violence. You will be well-traveled by the time you have concluded Dominic and Kaide's epic journey through the AFTERWORLD. And then you will wonder how such an adventure managed to work in philosophy, theology, physics, metaphysics, the ties that bind beyond this life, addictions, devotions and some subtly lovely adolescent romance to boot. And the ending might be the most comprehensively hopeful thing you'll ever encounter.' - Chris Lynch, Michael L. Printz Honor winner
Fantasy & magical realism (Children's / Teenage)
Paperback / softback
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Customer Reviews

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4 / 5 (1 Ratings)
  • Afterworld is a must read!!

    by on

    From the beginning the concept of Afterworld intrigued me as no one has ever written a story about the afterlife from the dead's point of view, let alone made it an adventure, I mean who knew that death could be just as busy or as chaotic as life? Lynette Lounsbury did! Her imagination brought about a fantastic story about the death a 15 year old boy, who is guided by a young girl (who he instantly falls for) and a Guardian (that he befriends) and puts a twist on our "living" history of characters from the Bible, Egyptian Gods, Angels and varying degrees of religious beliefs. There was plenty of action and mystery - why was Dom in Necropolis? Where was his sister? What was going to happen?

    At every turn there was a twist that felt like I should have seen it coming all along because (after all) the moral of the story is that "things happen for a reason". But those twists were still surprising because I didn't know what to expect and when it happened, it just made sense. I loved how she managed to put words of wisdom about life and our choices into the story as well as it felt (in a way) that she was aiming to help those who read the book to find peace within themselves and the power of identity. She connects with the audience on an emotional basis in that respect.

    When I finished the book, I also realised that I didn't have to stop and think about the plot or question its believability. It was easy to accept that this afterlife could actually exist because the story unfolded so smoothly and the interactions between characters was heartfelt and real. It was an adventurous ride that anyone wondering about what waits for us at the other "end" will find fascinating and even those that have never even thought about it will consider its possibilities.

    Overall Lynette Lounsbury is a fantastic author whose imagination has sparked my interest and I look forward to many more books written by her!